IQHub is a young and progressive company with unique strategy,
which aims to research and technological development

IQHub is part of the NCC (National Computer Corporation) – the largest IT holding of the Russian IT market with extensive experience and diversified portfolio of IT competencies and practice.

Our software products and their benefits

  • IQHUB video products primarily serve the need for high quality video interaction across a range of meeting room sizes and endpoint types while providing continuity of experience across all device types including soft clients and mobile devices. They provide the requisite infrastructure to connect these endpoints for point-to-point and multipoint conference calls and includes content-sharing functions for collaboration purposes.
  • IQHUB products are one of the first to be able to utilize the advanced H.265 codec, which allows to minimize the traffic by incorporating own loss-minimizing algorithms and by cascading our servers all while providing the users with enterprise-class voice and seamless 1080p and 4K videoconferencing solutions.
  • IQHUB products are fully compatible with a variety of end-point devices made by other vendors.
  • Currently IQHUB is able to provide 8/5 customer support soon to be expanded to 24/7.
  • IQHUB products support conference planning and are able to start them automatically.
  • IQHub has a capable endpoint portfolio including our H.265 video endpoints, which satisfy most mainstream room conferencing and desktop use cases in the enterprise.
  • Our loss-minimizing algorithms allow field-workers to be included in conference calls even if they do not have a strong internet connection.

Software products

Video conference terminals software

Video conference server software